Kissing 2020 Goodbye

New Years Day seems to have an all new feeling of renewal as we bid farewell to 2020. For our team at The Carrington, we are excited for our 4th year in business. We get to celebrate love with so many amazing couples and have some really exciting community and entertainment events on the schedule. But let’s be honest… you are here for the pictures and so are we.

As for these incredible pictures, can you say MOOD?!?! We are just in awe of how creative and stunning this Editorial style look at a bridesmaid on the day of is. Just wow!! Major kudos to this incredible team AuburnRae Photography, Pink Parasol Designs & Coordinating, Pens & Needles Co., Makaela Moya, Eric Jentsch, Amici Cucina Italiana & Model Shelia Jason.